Go green: use digital tool for education to save money, save trees and save the world


Virtual Blackboard: The most

unique and innovative paper less

solution for all types of users, which

saves time and knowledge.

It is the best teaching and learning tool. The first ever blending of writing, presentation and drawing software that substitutes traditional paper, writing accessories and costly digital Smartboards.

It is you only who can initiate the movement "Go green: Save the trees. And save the world." And motivate the students to save the environment. So let's inspire them to save expenditure by not using paper and writing accessories.



   Virtual Blackboard
It is a unique and innovative educational-cum-presentation tool with new functionalities which have never been covered before. This product is a blending of writing, presentation and drawing tool. It is conceived to help the users in their presentation and teaching for better explanation on the screen. It can be operated through remote.
It is specially recommended for personal use for teachers, parents, students as well as novice.

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Global situation – paper wastage

Today you can see number of trees disappearing around you and imagine how much depletion of trees occurs in our planet! One of the reasons for cutting trees is making paper, which is used in large quantity throughout the globe. Minimum 25% of people in every family use paper. Thus worldwide more than 300 million metric tons of paper are produced every year.

Expenditure for paper and writing accessories per student per month is approx.: $5
In one year: $60
In a school of 1000 students in one year: $60,000

Thus the expenditure of a state having about 1,00,000 schools.
It is approximately 100000 * 60000 = $60,0000,00000.

Now you can imagine what will be the expenditure of a country! So it is the role of educational institution to initiate to adopt the digital technologies and save money.


Now heavy file size video

for educational video tutorials


Mostly educational video means the video which covers drawings, labels, short notes/definitions and these are explained through voice-over in descriptive form or example based form or any other way.

These types of contents are not necessary to record through HD video or FLV video(YOUTUBE) because it takes more space and it requires more band width to view.

So think how much space is required for video of all subjects?
Can you afford to buy more hard-disk to keep video of all subjects?
That's why people can't keep all necessary educational video.

The greatest news for you is:
Now you can have the best solution for this problem. i.e. Virtual Blackboard

Average size of 1 minute video size in different file formats (approximately) : --------
1 minute DVD video(.vob) takes space : 50 MB
1 minute VCD(.mpg) video takes space : 05 MB

1 minute YOUTUBE(.flv) video takes space : 02 MB
1 minute Virtual Blackboard dynamic video takes space : 0.12 MB


Do you know any software which  

captures more quality

educational video as compared to  

Blue rays and HD video?

Any video available in the market are raster video means these are form with pixel. If you zoom these video then they are pixilated. But Virtual Blackboard dynamic video is vector based means these are scalable. It maintains the best quality in any size.


Still using papers and notebooks

for writing and drawing!

Children want to use more and more paper. But it is a worry for parents due to the expenditure incurred by them in providing paper and writing accessories because of the soaring cost of these accessories. Children's interest is lost and their creativity and potential can't find proper expression if they don't get sufficient writing materials.

Previously there was no such solution which could serve as an alternative of paper.


Now computer is the alternative solution.  

Still why people are not interested

in using computer as a writing device?

It is because there is no such one stop solution for writing, drawing and presentation features in one tool.

Virtual Blackboard is the ultimate solution.

It has many more features than you could have thought of! It is user friendly and cost effective, and has paperless management features. Children as well as other users have the freedom to express anything they want and use any way they want in an unlimited manner.


Now you have finally discovered:

The right solution for replacing

pen and paper.

Life's most useful tool for career is a pen and paper. And still you are using traditional pen and paper? Have you thought of substitute for paper in this modern era of technology?

Now you have to change yourself to go with the digital age. So it is a time for change to adopt digital technologies.

So now you can have the product to replace paper and writing accessories. i.e.
Virtual Blackboard

- User friendly Interface
- Cost effective
- Dynamic video capturing
- File editing option
- Voice-over capturing
- Remote based navigation
- Unlimited writing scope
- Unlimited Drawing scope
- File management


Save time!

Save money! 

Save knowledge! 

Save environment!

Virtual Blackboard saves 90% of expenditure in using paper, color and writing accessories. It is a substitute for traditional Blackboard or digital Smartboard and it is the best tool for teaching. Even it can save lots of money to make tutorials. One can make his/her own tutorials without using expensive video camera, editing tools, etc. You can save more captured files in a Hard disk because our captured files occupy very less space.

Using Virtual Blackboard anyone can save his/her writing and drawing with voice-over for lifetime. It will not go waste like papers if you keep it for a long time. So you can archive your best topic or notes which you need for future references which can be searchable.

At least 25% of people in every family use paper. As a result worldwide more than 300 million metric tons of paper are used every year. When we use less paper, subsequently trees will be saved and consequently environment will be pollution free. You can save the environment by using Virtual Blackboard for replacing paper and writing accessories.